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2020 Training for Guizhou University Teachers of Less Commonly Taught Foreign Language Held in Guiyang
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"2020 Training for Guizhou University Teachers of Less Commonly Taught Foreign Language" was held on 3-7 August 2020 in Guizhou University. It was hosted by Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, and co-organized by The Steering Committee of University Less Commonly Taught Foreign Languages Major Teaching of MOE, P. R. China, and China Teaching Rearch Association of Less Commonly Taught Foreign Language, organized by Guizhou University. Over 100 teachers of foreign languages participated the training course.


During its opening ceremony held in the morning of 3rd August 2020, Mrs. Wang Hui, the Chairperson of Guizhou Provincial Educational Labour Union and the member of Guizhou Provincial Department of Education Party Group, and Mr. Chen Xiangsheng, Vice-President of Guizhou University gave on-site speeches and Prof. Jiang JIngkui, the Chair of The Steering Committee of University Less Commonly Taught Foreign Languages Major Teaching of MOE, P. R. China addressed online.


Mrs. Wang Hui introduced the achievements Guizhou universities has made since the release of "The implementation plan of cultivating talents of less commonly taught foreign languages and enhancing the building of related majors and disciplines in Guizhou Province to serve BRI construction" in March 2019. She wished the five newly set-up majors, including Burmese, Lao, Thai, Portuguese, Korean, succeeded in Autumn 2020 students recruitment. With the background that the virus prevention and control has been on an ongoing basis, Mrs. Wang put forward three proposals on how to finish this training effectively and rewardingly: 1) the trainees should bear the responsibility of better serving the university in building less commonly taught foreign language majors, and enhance the sense of mission and seize the chance of study; 2) the trainees should steer to the training course from summer vacation, think actively, and pose questions to the professionals; 3) the trainees should abide related regulation and especially pandemic prevention and control requirements of Guizhou University, while Guizhou University should reinforce security precaution to ensure the success of the training.



The five-day training consists of 10 lectures and Q&A, and 2 face-to-face seminars. 10 professionals of less commonly taught foreign language from Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Information Engineering University, Shanghai International Studies University, Yunnan Minzu University, Guangxi University for Nationalities delivered the lectures via video link and answered the questions from the trainees. The courses include themes, such as less commonly taught foreign language cultivating scheme, dissertation guidance of foreign language major, first-class undergraduate foreign language course design, teaching method and management of foreign language major, extracurricular activity of foreign language major, to improve the teaching quality of foreign language major, the quality of foreign language major students studying abroad, all of which meet the need of Guizhou universities in building the foreign language discipline and majors.     

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