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Notice on International Youth’s Creative Short Videos Activity and Online Dialogue among International Teenagers
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‘’Lands apart, sky shared.” In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic alerted the world in a special way that mankind is the common destiny of sharing weal and woe. And to overcome the difficulties together, we must unite and cooperate.


Facing the unexpected COVID-19 epidemic, the global youth, as the most energetic and creative group, face to the challenges, take positive actions, are willing to take responsibilities, and actively participate in combating the COVID-19. Moreover, the global youth have contributed their strength through various forms and worked together to push the fight against the COVID-19 to victory.


Therefore,“The International Youth's Creative Short Videos Activity and Online Dialogue among International teenagers”, themed "Far Apart, Close in Heart" is launched to fully demonstrate the experience of international youth in the face of the pandemic.


Part 1  Relevant organizations

Ⅰ.The sponsors

The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of China - ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

The Guizhou People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Ⅱ.The organizer

Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange


Part 2  The participants

Teenagers under the age of 18 in all countries and regions of the world.


Part 3  The contents and types of the video

Ⅰ.Videos about heartwarming stories

-To share moving stories of heroic experience in fighting against the COVID-19 in your country;

-To record the heartwarming and touching epidemic-fighting scenes in the ‘front line’ of battling against the epidemic;

-Or to express gratitude, concern, or encouragement to whom is/are fighting against the pandemic. 

Ⅱ.Videos about artistic creations

-To sing, to draw a picture, to dance, or to tell a story to cheer up for the battle against the COVID-19;

-And sharing your feelings about the epidemic, and the inspiration and connotation of your work.

Ⅲ.Videos about your daily life

-To share the stories and scenes during staying at home and keeping social distance in actively fighting with the epidemic, which may include activities you do at home by yourself or with your family, such as reading, tea making, playing chess, playing musical instrument, cooking, doing sports, and so on.

All in all, participants are encouraged to share stories that are real, touching, and interesting in a creative way. It is favorable to integrate local cultural elements and personal talents or specialties in the production of the video.


Part 4  Requirements for the videos

Ⅰ.The content should be positive, inclusive and friendly, and praise concern and love.

Ⅱ.Each video should not exceed 2 minutes.

Ⅲ.The languages in the videos are not limited (Chinese subtitles are preferred).

Ⅳ Camera equipments are not limited to specific models and brands. DV, SLR or a mobile phone are all accepted, but the image, sound quality, and color are required to be clear. Besides, the audio can be recorded on-site or later dubbing, and you can choose any application to process the videos. Lastly, The video formats should be AVI, MOV, MP4 or MPEG. Please ensure that the videos can be played through any player (the size of a single video is recommended being no more than 500M).

Ⅴ.The videos must be original and the participants are responsible for the copyright of the videos. The videos can be completed by shooting, editing, and so on.


Part 5  Schedule of the activity

Ⅰ Submission of the videos

1) Deadline: The videos should be submitted no late than 16:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00) on October 16, 2020.

2) Methods of submission: You can submit your videos by e-mail or by post. If by e-mail, you should upload your personal information (your name, name of your school, nationality, and contact information) and attach your video work to it, and entitle your e-mail as ‘Far Apart, Close in Heart’ plus the name of your video work. Please send your e-mail to the organizer: If by post, you should also note your information.

Ⅱ.Review of the videos and announcement of awards

1) The videos will be reviewed by the organizers once they are received.

2) The list of awards will be announced on October 30, 2020.

Ⅲ.The exhibition of selected videos

40 video works will be selected and exhibited online from November 2020.

Ⅳ The online dialogue among international teenagers

Based on the selection of videos, 10 teenagers from various countries will be invited to an online dialogue.


Part 6  The setting of the awards:

40 outstanding short video works will be selected from the submitted video works. The prize-winners will be awarded the honorary certificate by the organizers. Meanwhile, they will be given priority to join in the projects for international cultural exchange in the future.The awards include:

1) 5 First Prizes, 10 Second Prizes, 20 Third Prizes.

2) Other awards: 1 Award of Creation, 1 Award of Moving Story, 1 Award of Best Content, 1 Award of Outstanding Talent and 1 Award of Entertaining.


Part 7  Contact us

Contact Person: (Ms.)Peng Hong

Phone number: +86-(0)851-85283589


Postal address: Room 906, No.162 Jinzhu Road (E), Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou, China.

Postcode: 550081



Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee of China - ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

September 28, 2020

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