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“People-to-People Bond, Education First”---China-ASEAN Cross-border Education Cooperation Dialogue
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I- Activity
 “People-to-People Bond, Education First”---China-ASEAN Cross-border Education Cooperation Dialogue

Ⅱ- Venue
Guiyang International Eco-conference Center

Ⅲ- Time
Aug.2 (09:00 to 17:00), 2016

Ⅳ- Organization(s)
Sponsor:China Education Association for International Exchange
Organizer:Guizhou University
Advisor: Ministry of Education, P.R. China

Ⅴ- Brief of the Activity
In recent years, China has witnessed a rapid growth in its cross-border education. With the catalysis of educational cooperation, China and ASEAN countries would open more markets to each other, realize closer interconnection and achieve more mutual progress. As a timely response to “the Belt and Road” Initiative, China-ASEAN Cross-border Education Cooperation Dialogue (abbr. the dialogue) will be held in hope of promoting China’s higher education cooperation with ASEAN countries, and summing up in time the country’s experiences in co-running educational programs with ASEAN countries. The dialogue is a brainstorming conference which invites thoughts from governmental officials, school administrators and educational enterprises on such issues related to cross-border education as the current policies, status quo, future tendency as well as the students’ expectation. The dialogue is expected to build a helpful platform for the participating schools to share experiences and enhancing teaching quality as well as for more practical educational cooperation between China and ASEAN.   

Ⅵ- Contact
Liaison 1:Cao’ An
Mob:         15058159877
Tel:        010-66416080-8036

Liaison 2:Li Yanran
Tel:         +86-(0)851-85973940
Mob:       13639032737

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