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Thai Princess and Malaysian Datuk Praise Guizhou’s Big Data Development
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“China-ASEAN Eco-civilization and Sustainable Development Workshop” kicked off  on Jan. 4th in Guiyang. On the afternoon, the Thai and Malaysian guests visited the Beijing--Guiyang Big Data Application Exhibition. They saw a “future world” within half an hour.


“Marvelous!”A Thai princess expressed her feelings with this word. She did not understood why China provided so much support in Guizhou’s Big Data development, she said, but after the visit, she knew a lot about the past, present and future of Guizhou’s Big Data: “Big Data has entered and gradually changed Guizhou people’s life.”


Datuk MOHAMED YUSOF BIN,  president of Cooperation College of Malaysia, showed great interest in Guiyang’s exploration in block data. He tried the free WiFi “D-Guiyang” on his cellphone and sang high praise for Guizhou’s development of Big Data.


 He thought Guizhou on Cloud a very good try, and hoped Guizhou and Malaysia can deepen cooperation in Big Data and achieve win-win development.


(Source: Guizhou Shangbao)

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