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Thai and Malaysian Guests Praise Guizhou’s Big Data Industry
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“China-ASEAN Eco-civilization and Sustainable Development Workshop” kicked off  on Jan. 4th in Guiyang, offering  two-week training to the Thai royal members, and representatives from Thai military and commercial circles and Malaysia education circles. This program, undertaken by China-ASEAN Education Training Center and College of Continuing Education of Guizhou University, is a fruitful result from the 8th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week (CAWCW), and an activity for the 9th CAECW. The visit to the Beijing--Guiyang Big Data Application Exhibition on Jan. 4th is a part of their communication and most interesting program to the guests.


A Thai princess felt amazed at Guiyang’s Big Data development when she visited the exhibition:


“Guizhou surprises me.” she marveled, “I haven’t known much about Big Data before. But from what I saw and heard here, I’m convinced that Guizhou’s Big Data development is not inferior to that in any developed country. It’s even with greater potential and brighter future.”


About the future development, Datuk MOHAMED YUSOF BIN,  president of Cooperation College of Malaysia, felt quite sure that Big Data is the future of the world. China’s economic growth will rank first in the world because of its Big Data, he said.


He tried the free WiFi “D-guiyang” and highly praised the speed of information and picture analysis by Big Data: “By means of Big Data, governments, enterprises and NGOs can share resources to save costs. China has taken the initiative and sped up its efforts. We can foresee the bright future.”


      A famous host from MCOT, a Thai media, interviewed related people and concluded that Guizhou must have its unique attraction as it took the lead in Big Data craze among so many provinces in China.

     “Big Data will cause great changes to many traditional industries and areas and bring about a new future. In this process I see a pioneer--Guizhou.” said the host with optimism.


Source Guizhou Daily)

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