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Thai Princess Marvels at Guizhou’s Development in Big Data
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On Jan. 4th, “China-ASEAN Eco-civilization and Sustainable Development Workshop” was held in Guiyang. Sixteen foreign guests, including the Thai royal members, and representatives from Thai military and commercial circles and Malaysia education circles, marveled at Guizhou’s Development in Big Data after their visit to the Beijing--Guiyang Big Data Application Exhibition.


“China-ASEAN Eco-civilization and Sustainable Development Workshop” is a cooperative program co-funded by Chinese Government and ASEAN, approved by China’s Ministry of Education , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance.


Some foreign guests tried free WiFi with their cellphones while listening to the introduction to Guiyang’s offer of free WiFi within the city. Some felt surprised when hearing that there is 20 billion CNY to support Guizhou on Cloud, a commercial model of Big Data. 


“It’s a surprise to see Guizhou’s rapid modernization.” said a Thai Princess.


Datuk MOHAMED YUSOF BIN, 1st Deputy Minister of Education in Malaysia, and president of Cooperation College of Malaysia also expressed his surprise at Guizhou’s Big Data and his belief in a prosperous future development in Big Data.




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