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Integrating Resources, Deepening Cooperation ---Excerpts from Officials’ Opinions at the China-ASEAN Senior Education Of
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With the theme “Construction of China-ASEAN community of common destiny through education, promoting the sustainable development of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week (CAECW) with common efforts”, China- ASEAN Senior Education Officials Forum, one of the events of CAECW, kicked off on Aug. 3rd in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province. Education officials from both China and ASEAN gathered together to discuss and envision future cooperation.

Director of 21st Century National Education System Office of Brunei’s Ministry of Education: 

“We wish to set up an education system with the highest level in Asian area, to raise education quality, and to boost our country’s development. We believe that, with the aid of educational technology and system in the 21st century, we can become one of the countries strong in education in the world, which is also our basic education target. We expect, together with other countries, to build a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation system and to nurture talents with specialized knowledge, international perspective, critical thinking and abilities to innovate and research.”

Deputy Director of International Department of Lao Ministry of Education: 

“I’m convinced of the contribution CAECW will make to the education of both China and ASEAN. This year’s CAECW will provide direction for future China-ASEAN cooperation and bring us some insight into future education development. Particularly, it will benefit ASEAN countries in human resource development. The forum will discuss many critical issues, through which we can learn from each other for the future well-being.”

Education Counselor of Malaysian Embassy in China: 

“We will sponsor 90% of our public schools according to our 2015-2025 development plan. We will take account of student’s affordability and ensure that education is affordable for every student. We will supervise and control the education sector strictly to make sure that schools provide effective and high-quality education. Besides, we will focus on developing students’ specialized knowledge as well as values and morality. We believe that learning in Malaysia is bound to be a pleasant experience and China-Malaysia cooperation will see a spring with two sides’ improving relationship.”

Director of Human Resource and Education Planning Department of Burmese Ministry of Education: 

“To raise our education quality and build China-ASEAN community of common destiny, we should, through education, increase China-ASEAN exchanges as well as mutual understanding and trust. China and ASEAN can promote mutual trust, cultural and skills exchanges through cooperation in running schools and talents exchange. That will be favorable not only for the development of students and talents, but also for the construction of China-ASEAN community of common destiny.”

Permanent Secretary of Singapore Ministry of Education: 

“China has rich experience in education development. We hope, through CAECW, to learn from each other for the common well-being. Now we are paying attention to vocational education in the hope of creating jobs for students and laborers. Under the globalization, people demand more for education, which sets us in the need of improving vocational education quality. To this end we have signed memorandums of understanding that center on technological development with Nanyang University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University, which offers learning chance for us. We wish more such cooperation programs in the future.”

Vice Minister of Education of Thailand: 

“Thailand and other ASEAN countries think high of China’s contributions to education. We are also willing to devote our efforts to multilateral China-ASEAN cooperation and education development of both China and ASEAN. We should, based on our friendship and win-win principle, build a partnership with equality, mutual benefit and respect, which will bring stability and prosperity for us. To this end countries and organizations of both sides should set up stable and effective cooperation system, keep learning and working hard, and enhance mutual understanding and thus help construct China-ASEAN community of common destiny.”

Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam: 

“Education has helped to strengthen China-ASEAN cooperation. In the past 10 years, China-ASEAN cooperation has been deepened and expanded, and China has always been carrying out strategic collaboration with the 10 ASEAN countries. China –Vietnam programs such as students exchange have consolidate the two sides’ partnership. Vietnam and China will optimize students exchange plan to provide more opportunities for students of both sides to study abroad so as to lift their competitiveness and eventually realize the sustainable development of the society.”

China’s vice-minister of Education: 

“With the past 8 year’s development, CAECW has increasingly caught the eyes of educators in China. Both China and ASEAN have increasingly got involved in CAECW. China and ASEAN will continue to integrate resources and raise CAECW’s influence within Asian area. China will encourage CAECW to “go global” with the aim of enhancing China-ASEAN link. China will try to launch activities in ASEAN and also welcome ASEAN’s involvement in CAECW’s design in order to hold CAECW with joint efforts.

In addition, to enrich CAECW’s implications, we suggest that, centering on elementary, higher, and vocational education, we intensify cooperation in an all-round way by increasing students and think-tanks exchanges, human resource training, language teaching cooperation, etc.”

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