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Indonesian Education Delegation Visits Guizhou University
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On the morning of Aug. 4th, an Indonesian education delegation visited Guizhou University (GZU) and had a discussion with GZU leaders. The foreign guests were officials from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia as well as presidents of 12 Indonesian universities. Chinese participants included Song Baoan and Zhao Degang, GZU Vice Presidents, and officials from the Office of International Relations of GZU and Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE). 

The meeting began with Song Baoan’s welcome speech. He said that GZU has successively hosted or co-organized eight China-ASEAN Education Communication Week since 2008, which strengthened GZU’s cooperation with ASEAN universities. He also pointed out that GZU has attracted over 200 ASEAN students and was certain that this visit could provide new perspectives for the exchanges and cooperation between both sides. 

Then followed the speech by the head of the Indonesian delegation. He though high of GZU’s development and hoped for further cooperation in broader areas besides students exchange. Among the 12 Indonesian universities, 9 have already established relations with GZU.  

Afterwards, the Director of the Office of International Relations of GZU introduced Guizhou’s geographic location, land form and ethnic culture of Guizhou Province and the history of GZU. She also reviewed fruits of cooperation between GZU and ASEAN, and expressed her hope for further exchanges and cooperation.

At last, the Indonesian delegation signed with GZU 10 friendly cooperation agreements. Both sides also exchanged gifts and views on issues of common concern including students exchange, internship, scholarship, etc.

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