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The 8th CAECW Press Conference Held in Guiyang
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On July 21st, the 8th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week (“CAECW” for short) Press Conference was held in Guiyang. The Press Conference was presided over by Ha Siting, time deputy director of Information Office of Guihzou Provincial People’s Government. Other officials present included Chen Mingming, vice governor of Guizhou Province and director of the Organizing Committee of the 8th CAECW, Zhang Yuguang, deputy secretary-general of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government and deputy director of the Organizing Committee, Zhang Hanlin, deputy secretary-general of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government and deputy director of the Organizing Committee, Huo Jiankang, director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Education and deputy director of the Organizing Committee, Yuan Huimin, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guizhou Province, and Liu Baoli, executive secretary-general of of the Organizing Committee of the 8th CAECW. More than 40 journalists from the state-controlled media, Hong Kong media in Guizhou, and the media in Guizhou Province attended the Press Conference.

Chen Mingming made an introduction to the achievements and significance of the previous CAECWs and the preparations for the 8th CAECW.

Chen said that, since 2008, seven CAECWs have been successfully held and have exerted profound influence on promoting friendship, educational exchanges and cooperation, sharing experience of talent cultivation and strengthening cultural and humanities interconnection. Themed as “Learning from each other for the well-being of the future”, the 8th CAECW will be held in Guizhou Province from August 3rd to 7th, 2015, in order to conduct pragmatic cultural and educational cooperation and exchanges, benefit the people of both sides and contribute to the future development of the states involved.

Afterwards, Chen Mingming, Zhang Yuguang, Zhang Hanlin, Huo Jiankang, Yuan Huimin and Liu Baoli answered respectively the journalists’ questions on the achievements and effectiveness of the previous CAECWs, the highlight and characteristics of the 8th CAECW, how to give full play to the role of CAECW in the construction of Maritime Silk Road, the significance of CAECW in Guizhou’s vocational education development, Guizhou’s educational exchanges with the outside through CAECW, and how to broaden the influence of CAECW through publicity. 

It’s reported that the 8th CAECW will, for the first time, go beyond “a week”--besides the 12 activities held at Guiyang during Aug. 3rd to 7th , there are 15 more held in other cities at other time of the year: the former includes the Opening Ceremony, China-ASEAN Senior Education Officials Forum, China-ASEAN TVET Expo, China-ASEAN Education Cooperation and Talent Cultivation Fair, China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Series, China-ASEAN Education and Training Alliance Founding Ceremony & Education Training Programs Promotion, China-ASEAN Preschool Teachers’ Development Forum, China-ASEAN Chinese Language Teaching Forum; the latter involves cultural and academic exchanges and cooperation in scientific researches, held in other cities by Chinese and ASEAN universities and international organizations.


  (Reported by Yue Ying)


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