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China-ASEAN Mathematics Conference Held at Guzihiou University
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On 16th September 2013, China-ASEAN Mathematics Conference opened at Guzihiou University. Feng Xiaolun, Executive Vice President of Guizhou University, presided over the opening ceremony. About 50 experts and professors from China, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore were present at the conference, exchanging views on mathematics teaching and learning.


Yao Xiaoquan, secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University, on behalf of the university, extended his congratulations to the opening of the conference, and his welcome and thanks to the guests coming from afar.


He said that with a profound and common culture foundation, the social development of China and ASEAN countries could be traced back to the same origin. With time-honored exchanges, both sides have formed their splendid cultural system and contributed a lot to the progress of civilization of the world. Furthermore, the science and technology in the region of China and ASEAN has driven the progress of modern civilization.


Mathematics, as the basis of science, plays a fundamental role in many sciences including engineering, technology and even sociology. This conference marks the beginning of China-ASEAN mathematics exchange, which is of great significance for the math development and talent cultivation. 


This conference provided a platform for scholars of both sides to conduct academic exchanges and for ASEAN to understand Guzhou Province and Guizhou University, which will undoubtedly enhance the development of mathematics and relevant subjects in China-ASEAN countries. Yao hoped that Chinese and ASEAN mathematicians can, with joint efforts, take the leading position in talent cultivation.


Yao Xiaoquan also introduced the development of the math discipline at Guizhou University and some famous mathematicians in this process.


After the opening ceremony were some keynote speeches, including a report on mathematical statistics by Defeng Sun, a mathematician from Singapore.


(Source: Office of Social Science Research and Political Education, Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, Sept. 18th, 2013)


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