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China-ASEAN Cultural Intergrowth and Inclusiveness Development Forum Opens in Guiyang
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"China-ASEAN Cultural Intergrowth and inclusiveness Development Forum" one of the activities of the 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, opened in the Mian Xuetang of Chinese Cultural Academy of Guizhou University at 2 pm, Sept. 16, 2013. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Ren Gangjian, deputy Party Secretary of Guizhou University and dean of the Research Institute of ASEAN, and the president of Guizhou University Zheng Qiang gave the opening remarks.




Professor Ren introduced the distinguished guests of this forum. Present at the forum were more than hundreds of people, such as the government officials and experts of the ASEAN countries including Cambodia and Indonesia, and researchers and professors from colleges including Peking University and Mizu University of China.


In his address to this forum, Zheng Qiang, the president of Guizhou University, first shared the good news that Guizhou University has been listed into The Project for Midwest Universities to Increase Comprehensive Strength, and then expressed his gratitude for the support from central and local governments at various levels. Zheng noted that Guizhou University will strive to learn from the top colleges of the ASEAN countries and dedicate to studying the cultural education of Southeast Asia. He also said that, Guizhou University should develop with its own characteristics. Therefore, the university has established the Research Institute of ASEAN under the leadership of Professor Ren Gangjian in an effort to enhance the cooperation and exchanges of education and research relating to China-ASEAN, and endeavors to publicize in the Southeast Asia that a significant Research Institute of ASEAN is located in Guizhou, a beautiful province in the west of China. At last, he welcomed related experts to work at Guizhou University.


The China-ASEAN Cultural Intergrowth and Inclusiveness Development Forum was held by the Research Institute of ASEAN, which is the “Regional and National Research Base” authorized by the Ministry of Education, P.R.China, and also the only research base of Humanities & Social Science in Guizhou Province to date.




Present at the opening ceremony were Sorn Samnang, adviser of the Cambodian Royal Government and chairman of the  Cambodian Historian Association , Ruan Qiufang, director of the Vietnam Hanlin Academy of Social Sciences Institute of China, Professor Li Wen, vice president of the National Institute of International Strategy, Professor Bao Maohong, director of the Center for Southeast Asian Sudies, Peking University, Professor Yang Baojun of the School of International Studies, Peking University, Professor Jin Binggao, director of the Chinese Ethnic Theory and Policy Research Center and Professor He Ming, dean of the National Institute of Yunnan University. 


After the opening ceremony, Yang Junchang, director of the Editorial Department of Journal of Guizhou University and the distinguished professor of the Research Institute of ASEAN modulated the keynote speech entitled “Cultural Intergrowth and Inclusiveness Development”. Professor Li Wen, vice president of the National Institute of International Strategy, Chun kyung-soo, director of the The Anthropology Department of Social Sciences of Seoul National University, and Professor He Ming, dean of the National Institute of Yunnan University delivered their respective speeches respectively.


(Source: Office of Social Science Research and Political Education, Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, Sept. 18th, 2013)


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