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China-ASEAN Symposium on Development and Industrialization of Innovative Medicines Held in Zunyi
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On the morning of Sept. 17th, 2013, the China-ASEAN Symposium on the Development and Industrialization of Innovative Medicines was held in Zunyi Medical University as an important activity of the 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week.. 

The opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Jianguo, Vice Secretary the Party Committee of Zunyi Medical University. Present at the ceremony were 12 ASEAN guests, 1 American, some representatives from Chinese government organs, research institutes and universities, and journalists from more than 10 media.

At the opening ceremony, speeches were delivered by Shi Jingshan, President of Zunyi Medical University, Liu Jinghui, Secretary-General of China Scholarship Council, Yang Yong, Educational Inspector of Guizhou Provincial Department of Education (GPDE), Huang Qingwei, member of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Zunyi, and Pratap Singhasivanon, Secretary-General of SEAMEO Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network (SEAMEO TRopmed). 


The opening ceremony began with Shi Jingshan's welcoming speech. Shi made a brief introduction to the education & research conditions and achievements of Zunyi Medical University, especially its Pharmacology, one of National Key Disciplines. “We hope to take this platform to boost the cooperation and exchange with ASEAN universities and research institutes to achieve win-win results,”  said Shi.

Liu Jinghui noted that China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week is an important platform for international exchange and cooperation. Since 2008, cooperative achievements between both sides have been made in vocational education, medical education, cultural industry and international talent training. The number of international students in each side has rapidly increased, and some China’ universities and colleges have established cooperative relations with ASEAN universities and colleges. Liu hoped participants would express their opinions freely on R & D of innovative medicine and its industrialization. 

In his address, Yang Yong said, “This Symposium is an interactive platform for everyone to share wisdom and gather consensus, also a chance for Guizhou to learn the advanced experience and understand the reform and development of ASEAN education. We hope to take this opportunity to enhance understanding and friendship and to establish extensive cooperation with ASEAN countries. We believe that based on the discipline of pharmacy, Zunyi Medical University would play an important role in R&D of innovative medicine and its industrialization”. 

Huang Qingwei stressed the priority of educational development in Guizhou’s government work: Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government has insisted on the strategies of “developing through science and education” and “developing Guizhou by cultivating talents”. This symposium would contribute to the development of higher education and medical and health services in Zunyi and in Guizhou, said Huang.

Focusing on the development and industrialization of innovative medicines, academic speeches were made by experts from Zunyi Medical University, Seameo Tropmed Netmork, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, University of Macau, Peking University, Indonesia 

At the symposium, related institutions and enterprises signed agreements on education cooperation, R & D of innovative medicine and its industrialization. They visited Pharmacy College of Zunyi Medical University and Key Laboratory of Basic Pharmacology of Ministry of .Education.

China-ASEAN Symposium on the Development and Industrialization of Innovative Medicines reinforced the further educational and cultural cooperation between Guizhou and ASEAN countries, promoted the internationalization of Zunyi Medical University’s education and research, and accelerated the speed of the integrated development of enterprises, universities and research institutes. 

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