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Activities of the 8th CAECW (Aug, 3rd to Aug, 7th)
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Opening Ceremony

Host: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.R.C., Ministry of Education, P.R.C., Guizhou Provincial People’s Government

Organizers: Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, Office of Foreign Affairs of Guizhou Province, Guizhou University, etc.

All invited guests (morning of Aug. 3)

China-ASEAN Senior Education Officials Forum

Organizer: Ministry of Education, P. R. China

High education officials from China and ASEAN countries will gather together to discuss the policies of education and how to promote cooperation.

Liaison: Ms. Chen Wenjie   Email:



Organizers: China Education Association for International Exchange(CEAIE), Guizhou Provincial Department of Education(GPDE), SEAMEO, ASEAN-China Center(ACC)

Co-organizers: Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guizhou Light Industry Technical College, Guiyang Vocational and Technical College, Guizhou Construction School, Guizhou Machinery Industry School, Guizhou school of Water Conservancy and Electric Power, etc.

Theme: TVET Cooperation along “the Maritime Silk Road”


Great activitiesThemed forums, B2B networking, TVET Exhibition and student skill show;

Bring together decision-makers, institution leaders and experts to discuss the latest trends and developments in TVET sector;

Opportunities of showcasing strengths and highlights of participating countries and institutes;

Opportunities of developing cooperation programs with Chinese vocational and technical institutes; Free registration; free space for exhibition.


1. International Vocational Education Forum: Skilled Workforce Mobility and National Qualification Framework

The Forum will address the hot issues on vocational education cooperation between China and ASEAN, which is the mobility of skilled workforce and building national qualification framework.

Liaison: Ms. Li Qian    Email:    Tel:+86-10-66416080 ext 8083

2. China-ASEAN Seminar on Cross-boarder Education—New Opportunities within the Framework of “One Belt and One Road” Strategy

To further promote educational exchange and cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries within the framework of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy and explore effective modalities of Chinese-ASEAN cross-border education, this seminar themed with New Opportunities within the Framework of “One Belt and One Road” Strategy, will highlight policies, best practices and development trends of Chinese-ASEAN cross-border higher education and vocational education, as well as demands and expectations of partner countries and institutions for such cooperation. The Seminar will offer a platform for all stakeholders, including governments, education providers and corporate partners to identify needs, exchange information and experience and seek collaboration.

Liaison: Ms. He Pei    Email:   Tel: +86-10-66416080 ext 8038

3. China-ASEAN TVET Networking B 2 B

As part of the TVET Expo, the B2B aims to provide a platform for all delegates to have in-depth discussion on collaboration and programs development. Delegates from ASEAN countries will visit booths set by Chinese vocational colleges and organizations, match their need for regional cooperation with them.

Liaison: Ms. Li Qian    Email:    Tel: +86-10-66416080 ext 8083

4. The 3rd China-ASEAN Vocational Education Achievement Exhibition

China-ASEAN TVET Exhibition will engage some key institutions and industries from China and ASEAN countries to showcase their strategic visions, innovative ideas, curriculums, creative cultures, green skills and best practices, which will be presented by posters, video clips and physical display, opening up a great access for international exchange and cooperation in TVET sector. Free space is offered to ASEAN exhibitors.

Liaison: Ms. Chen Wenwen   Email:   Tel: +86-851-85285917

5. China-ASEAN TVET Student Skill Show

Featuring culture variety of “One Belt and One Road”, the Skill Show will gather students from vocational colleges from China and ASEAN countries to showcase their skills training achievements and talents through demonstration and performance.

Liaison: Ms. Chen Wenwen    Email:  Tel: +86-851-85285917

6. China-ASEAN Rail Transit Talent Cultivating Summit and Rail Transit Skills Show

The Summit and the Show will provide the best all-around platform for face-to-face communication through thematic speeches, multiparty dialogues, skills show, projects experiencing, etc. Thus, it will substantially promote the cooperation on rail transit talents cultivating between China and ASEAN countries and contribute ideas and exert efforts for the establishment and development of rail transit exchanges in China and ASEAN countries.

Liaison: Ms. Tang Rongyu    Email:   Tel: +86-851-87980254


China-ASEAN Education Cooperation and Talent Cultivation Fair

Organizer: Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE)

Co-organizers: Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang University


Initiated by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE), China-ASEAN Education Cooperation and Talent Cultivation Fair is an important platform on education promotion, colleges cooperation and talent exchange for educational departments and institutions of China and ASEAN countries.


1. China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Program Promotion Exhibition and IstudyinChina Network Promotion Fair

China-ASEAN Education Program Promotion Exhibition will exhibit different kinds of education program and colleges characteristics of China and ASEAN countries. During the exhibition period, cooperation opportunity will be provided by CSCSE. Meanwhile, as the authorized application platform for international students, IstudyinChina will develop the strategic cooperation partners to attract more ASEAN students to study in China.

Liaison: Ms. Zhang Lihui  Email:  Tel:+86-10-62677591

2. China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Information Presentation Area: Pre-departure Training before Overseas Study and Function Show of IstudyinChina Network

The presentation area is devided into three main sectors: pre-departure training before overseas study, Istudyinchina Network presentation and other China-ASEAN educational cooperation programs promotion. (Istudyinchina is the authorized application platform for international students who are pursuing to study or exchange in China)

Liaison: Ms. Yu Liqun  Email:  Tel:+86-10-62677663

3. IstudyinChina and Its Strategic Partners Summing-up Meeting

4. China-ASEAN Cooperation Fair on Education International Program

The Fair provides an open platform for participating universities, colleges and educational institutes to find the partners and discuss on cooperative programs

Liaison: Ms. Ji Jingfan   Email:  Tel: +86-21-55897020 

      Mr. Han Sanjun   Email:  Tel: +86-10-62677583

5. CSCSE SATC Program Global Partners Conference 2015 & China-ASEAN Strategic Cooperation Seminar on Education International Program

The conference aims to provide CSCSE SATC Program partner universities and institutions both at home and abroad with the latest study abroad policies and trends, discuss the current situation and problems of SATC Program and carry out in-depth discussion on future efforts in SATC Program running as well as international education cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.

Liaison: Mr. Zheng Yue  Email: Tel:+86-10-62677579

6. China-ASEAN Cross-Border Higher Education Seminar

The seminar aims to provide the training of academic degree certification from universities abroad when conducting Sino-foreign education cooperation in running schools, and discuss on education cooperation projects between China and ASEAN countries.

Liaison: Ms. Cui Yining   Email: Tel: +86-10-62677554


China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Series

Organizers: Ocean University of China, Tianjin University

Co-organizers: Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute


In the Year of 2015 China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation, China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Series Activities aim at promoting cooperation between China and ASEAN in marine science and environment protection, policy and management, regional cooperation and development of marine economy, etc. It will initiate some offshore cooperation programs and promote China marine economy development.


1. China-ASEAN Innovation Achievements Expo in Marine Science and Technology

The Expo will invite 20-40 universities, research institutes and enterprises from China and ASEAN countries to exhibit 80-120 innovative achievements themed around Marine Observation and Monitoring, Marine Engineering Equipment, Comprehensive Utilization of Seawater, New Marine Energies and Marine Biotechnology. It aims to promote international exchanges, achievement-sharing and technological cooperation among participants.

Liaison: Ms. Qiu Shuang  Email: Tel: +86-22-27406146 ext 8014

2. China-ASEAN Forum on Law, Policy and Management of the Sea

Foreign guests from the governments, universities and research institutes of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Korea as well as international organizations will discuss and communicate with Chinese guests on three issues as following: China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation in the Application of the Belt and Road Initiative, China-ASEAN Cooperation in the Regional Seas, and Environmental Protection and Marine Hazards Prevention and Mitigation in order to promote China-ASEAN maritime cooperation.

Liaison: Dr. Guan Song  Email: Tel: +86-532-66786552

3. High-level Talents Training Courses on Asian Marine Management and Blue Economy

The workshop aims to provide significant research and development opportunities to people in related areas, and establish a development platform as well as promoting a consensus on marine management between China and ASEAN countries and the regional cooperation and development in the marine economy. Attendees will be provided with international multi-disciplinary courses in marine economy and management.

Liaison: Mr. Chen Zhixi  Email:  Tel: +86-532-85901555


China-ASEAN Education and Training Alliance Founding Ceremony & Education Training Programs Promotion

Organizer: Guizhou University

Co-organizers: South China University of Technology, China Foreign Affairs University, Guangxi University, Yunnan University, Tianjin University of Technology and Education


It is dedicating to integrating 30 China-ASEAN Education and Training Centers approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.R.C. and Ministry of Education, P.R.C., and to absorbing top universities, education and training institutions, enterprises and organizations pursuing training programs, and facilitating long-term and effective cooperative mechanisms. It will provide platforms of demonstration, promotion, exchanges and cooperation for educational and training programs of various levels and types. It will also enhance cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN.

Liaison: Ms. Wang Xuemei  Email: Tel: +86-18984000694


China-ASEAN Youth Camp

Organizer: Central Committee of the Communist Youth League

Co-organizer: Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth Leaugue, Guizhou Medical University


For further enhancing young generation’s friendly communication and cooperation between ASEAN countries and China, especially Guizhou Province, the camp aims to form a base for cooperation in various fields between China and ASEAN.


Seminar for Senior Managers in ASEAN

Host: Ministry of Commerce, P. R. C.

Organizers: University of International Business and Economics, Academy for International Business Officials(AIBO),MOFCOM

Co-organizer: Guizhou University

1. China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA) Development Seminar

2. Seminar for Senior Managers of Steel Enterprises in ASEAN Countries


Seminar on ASEAN-China Education and Training Cooperation

Organizer: China Foreign Affairs University, ASEAN University Network(AUN)

Co-organizer: Guizhou University


The forum aims to integrate advantageous resources of leading universities and research institutions in China and ASEAN countries, to promote closer conjunction of academic studies, market operation and educational practices, and thus to make a breakthrough on the patterns of China - ASEAN cooperation on education and training.



The Second Meeting of the Southeast Asia-China Education Research Network & The Book Launch Meeting of The Guidebook to Education Systems and Reforms in Southeast Asia and China

Organizer: ASEAN-China Centre(ACC), SEAMEO, National Institute of Education Science

Co-organizer: Guizhou Institute of Technology


This meeting is a follow-up of the First Meeting of the SEAMEO-China Education Research Network held earlier in Guiyang in September in 2014 co-organized by the ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), National Institute of Education Sciences of the People's Republic of China (NIES) and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). The themes, methods and outcomes will be discussed for phase II collaboration regarding the Network. In the meanwhile, book Launch Meeting of The Guidebook to Education Systems and Reforms in Southeast Asia and China will be held.

Liaison: Ms. Wang Yan  Email: Tel: +86-10-62003356


Forum on Argricultural Economic and Green Transformation Development of “Maritime Silk Road” Countries

Organizer: Guizhou University

Main Theme: Green Transformation and Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Related Industries

Sub Themes: 1. Mechanism and Strategy of Agricultural Cooperation between China and ASEAN Countries

2. Transfer and Upgrading of Industries between China and ASEAN Countries under the Background of the Interconnection

Liaison: Mr. Shen Peng  Email: Tel: +86-851-83627250


China-ASEAN Preschool Teachers’ Development Forum

Organizer: Guiyang Preschool Education College


It will focus on China-ASEAN pre-education teachers’ development and the opportunities and challenges in the progress of globalization. The attendees will share their experiences and opinions on pre-education teachers’ development. The forum aims at establishing an efficient and long-term mechanism and a platform to promote China-ASEAN pre-educational exchange and pre-education teachers’ development from training to course construction. Meanwhile, it will enhance ASEAN teachers’ understanding of China.

Liaison: Ms. Wen Jia  Email:  Tel: +86-13984129188


China-ASEAN Chinese Language Teaching Forum

Organizer: Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guizhou Province  

 Liaison: Mr. Tan Hua    Email:


General Tentative Schedule of the 8th CAECW.pdf

8th CAECW_general information.pdf




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