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China and ASEAN to Establish a New Cooperation and Exchange Mechanism for TVET
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Recently, in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET) Summit of the 7th CAECW, ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), SEAMEO Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training (SEAMEO VOCTECH), and Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education (CIVTE), etc. Have reached an agreement to establish a China-ASEAN Cooperation and Exchange Mechanism for TVET and Cooperation Alliance.       

It is said that faster industrial restructuring expands the demand for technicians in ASEAN countries and accordingly, the vocational education is becoming a priority in educational cooperation between China and ASEAN. 

Professor Liu Yufeng, Director of the Division for International Cooperation and Comparative Education Research of CIVTE, said: “The remarks of the Chinese and ASEAN representatives show both China and ASEAN are interested in the cooperation and exchange of vocational education due to their close partnership and cultural similarity, and it’s necessary to set up a specific mechanism and cooperation alliance.”
It is known that the educational cooperation between China and ASEAN is extending to the higher vocational and technical education and engineering technical education so as to achieve the “Double 100,000 Students Plan” earlier, in which the both parties plan to send 100,000 students respectively. Up till now, the Chinese Vocational Colleges’ ASEAN Tours has been successfully organized for three years, which involves nearly 90 Chinese colleges as well as 250 ASEAN colleges and institutes. In the process, both parties have signed 300 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) on Cooperation and have handled the issues like scholarships for ASEAN students as well as the facilities and opportunities for vocational education training

Dr Gatot Hari Priowirjanto, Director of SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre, said: “I led more than 60 delegates from Indonesian technical and vocational colleges to visit ACC and signed MOU on Cooperation with seven colleges this June. And I hope there will be more practical cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and ASEAN students..”   Mr Wang Daoyu, Deputy Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division of ACC, said: “ The expanded and deepened cooperation between China and ASEAN leads to the increasing demand for various professional talents. Thus, Indonesia plans to establish a large number of industry-oriented technical colleges and community colleges in the next few years, while Myanmar intends to open to the foreign investment into the education, etc. All these bring a promising future to the cooperation in vocational education.”

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