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The 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Opens in Guiyang
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With the theme of “Practical Cooperation, Harmonious Development, Mutual Prosperity”, the 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week kicked off on Sept. 16th in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province.


The opening ceremony was presided over by Chen Mingming, a vice-governor of Guizhou Province. Lu Yongxiang, Former Vice-chairman of Standing Committee of National People’s Congress, addressed the opening ceremony; Dai Bingguo, a Former State Councilor, declared the meeting open; and Chen Min’er, Governor of Guizhou Province, made a welcome speech. Wang Fuyu, chairman of the Provincial Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the ceremony.


Officials present also included Luo Zhaohui (ambassador of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Chen Shun (Assistant Minister of Education), Magdalene Teo (Ambassador of Brunei to China), Ma Mingqiang (Secretary-general of China-ASEAN Center), Dr Witaya Jeradechakul (Director of SEAMEO Secretariat), Lim You Rang (Educational Counselor of the Embassy of Malaysia to China), and provincial leaders Yu Hongqiu, Long Chaoyun, Xie Qingsheng, Kong Lingzhong.


Participants also included other officials of international organizations, ambassadors, university presidents, experts, scholars and students from both ASEAN and China.


Lu Yongxiang expressed in his speech his wish for a fruitful China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. He said that, China and ASEAN nations were friendly neighbors and strategic partners committed in peace and development.


He acknowledged the great significance of education exchanges between both sides in propelling their cooperation in a sound and sustainable manner, promoting understanding and friendship between both peoples, training talents, safeguarding their common interests, and stimulating social economic development.


 Lu approved that, by holding the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, enormous progress had been made in both sides’ educational, cultural, scientific and technological collaboration, and related characteristics and brands had been generated.


He hoped both sides, with the education cooperation as a platform, to share their achievements and innovation experience, to increase their exchanges and mutual understanding, and to enhance their neighborly relationship and their influence in the establishment of a harmonious Asia based on their strategic partnership.


Chen Min’er, on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Government and all people of Guzihou Province, extended his welcome to the guests from afar and his gratitude to those who have always supported Guizhou’s development.


Chen pointed out that, Guizhou emphasized human and material resources in its pursuit of outpacing other provinces and realizing a well-off society, and the “9+3” (9 years’ compulsory education and 3 years’ medium vocational education) Education Program had provided talents for Guizhou’s social economic development.


 He stressed the key role of the policy of “opening up to the outside world” in Guizhou’s rapid development and regarded the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week as an important channel for Guizhou’s opening up to the outside.


He also said that, Guizhou, focusing on the theme “Practical Cooperation, Harmonious Development, Mutual Prosperity”, would further collaboration between both sides in language teaching, students exchanges, scientific and technological innovation, and skilled talents training. Furthermore, it would expand its cooperation with ASEAN in education to that in economy, trade, tourism and culture.


Chen Shun delivered the keynote speech at the ceremony. Luo Zhaohui, Magdalene Teo, Ma Mingqiang, Witaya Jeradechakul all addressed the meeting. They congratulated the opening of the 6th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week and expressed their wish to further China-ASEAN educational and cultural exchanges.


During the ceremony, student representatives from ASEAN countries were awarded scholarships by Chen Min’er.


Speeches were also made by representatives of Chinese teachers in ASEAN countries and ASEAN teachers and students in Guizhou Province.


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