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Proposals for the Sustainability of China-ASEAN Education and Talents
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In the changing world, regional social stability asks for the sustainable development of regional economy and society which lies in the sustainability of education and talents. On Sept. 17th, 2013, China-ASEAN Education and Talents Sustainable Development Symposium is held at Guizhou Normal University. Based on the Guiyang Statement passed during 2008 China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, for purposes of promoting educational exchanges, human resource development, sustainable development of regional economy and society, and regional competitiveness, we propose the following suggestions:


Firstly, both sides should expand education cooperation. The two sides should cooperate in student exchanges, mutual recognition of credit and online courses sharing, and promote teachers’ professional development through academic visits, training, further study and teaching in the counterpart countries. Both sides should also collaborate in academic and scientific researches with local advantages and characteristics, through academic forums, funding research programs and establishment of related mechanism for cooperation between research institutes.


Secondly, both sides should increase teenagers’ linguistic, cultural and sports exchanges to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples for regional and global peace.


Thirdly, both sides should establish an education cooperation committee to push and implement plans agreed during the previous Cooperation Weeks for a sustainable and stable China-ASEAN cooperation. Both sides should work together to set up education websites to release information and news about related cooperation and exchanges.


The above suggestions indicate the common wish of China and ASEAN. Both sides should make joint efforts to drive sustainable development of education and talents for a common prosperity of all the countries concerned.



Attendees of the China-ASEAN Education and Talents Sustainable Development Symposium

Sept. 17th, 2013



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