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Theme,Objectives and Highlights of the 8th CAECW
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u  Theme and Objectives of the 8th CAECW



Learning from each other for the well-being of the future

互学互鉴  福祉未来


        The theme for this year is “Learning from each other for the well-being of the future.“

There are similarities and differences between China and ASEAN on education and culture. We should enhance communication and learn from each other for the progress and development of education and culture which play important roles in the well-being of the people and the future of the nation.

        China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, a platform aiming to create and develop more practical and win-win educational and cultural cooperation, provides grand opportunities for educational and cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN.





Further enhancing regional educational and cultural cooperation

Promoting students mobility in various forms

Providing a platform for universities, colleges and schools to establish long-term partnership

Developing scientific and technological research cooperation

Promoting youth exchanges in culture, science, technology and other fields

Improving talents cultivation and employment

Sharing experience on teaching facilities and resources


u  Highlights of the 8th CAECW



 Special Guest Countries


        From the 8th CAECW on, for better expanding the cooperative area and scope, the Organizing Committee initiates the mechanism of Special Guest Countries to invite different countries other than China and ASEAN member countries to participate every year.

      Special Guest Countries for 2015 are Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Switzerland. We believe that the presence of the universities, colleges and schools, educational organizations, research institutions, media and enterprises from these countries will bring more vigor and practical cooperation to the 8th CAECW.


 Beyond one “Week”


      Apart from the activities to be held in the “week” in Guizhou, the Organizing Committee will introduce other activities hosted by other organizations devoted to promote educational cooperation between China and ASEAN in other time and other places.



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